He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I've been a bit quiet on here, but sometimes it's just tough as it gets a little further from when I last posted, to figure out what's worthy of posting, and what's not. So, I get in a rut, and post nothing. Hmm.. 

We've been getting our oldest ready for her missions trip to Uganda in 6 days! It's happening awful soon, and I've been a little panicked about her raising enough money. But guess what? For some reason she's been able to get this far, and I just remembered the other night, that this is how God works. He makes us completely turn it all over to him, so that we understand that we cannot do this alone! We've been so busy "grabbing those reigns" and trying to do it all ourselves, that we just get overwhelmed. So, I am settling down a bit. I do believe she will get her funds in time. I'm praying about it, and have turned it over to Him, and I know His name will be praised in all of this!

Uganda. Sounds a little scary to those of us who haven't been out of the country. Well, if Tijuana, Mexico and the borders of Canada count.. I guess I have, but I really haven't seen much of the world! I would love to! Someday, right? Someday. Well, this little country sounds amazing! Working in orphanages with abandoned children that were left out on the streets, helping construct more buildings for them, trying to be a light in a world that seems a little dim, this is what they will be doing. Please pray that they will be used according to what God has planned for them, that they will listen and learn, pray for their safety, and for the wisdom and guidance of the leaders. This will be much appreciated!

I cannot wait to hear the stories, see the photos, and see how God uses and speaks to everyone involved. I'm wondering who will be the most ministered to.. 

remember the movie, The Blind Side? When the friend commented, "You're changing his life, sweetie!" the mother (Sandra Bullock) answers with tears in her eyes, "No, he's changing mine!"

Okay, this is hardly a flower from Africa, but it reminded me of the beauty that they will get to experience in a country they've never been to. It won't be the normal everyday type terrain they are used to, the flowers won't be the same, everything will be different. Just like this flower.

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