He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Front Porch Friend

This week we got some sad news...

Clark was the guy who would sit on his front porch, and would holler out a hearty "hello." He cared about his neighbors, and he knew them all by name.

Let's backtrack.. Our family moved into the neighborhood when the kids were very small. My oldest were out selling lemonade the summer we moved in, and Clark came from kitty corner just to throw some money in their bowl and say hello. He called them both by name. I asked, "How do you know their names?" He answered, "Because, mom, I hear you calling after them every day!" (insert big old smile and laugh) 

The years went by, and he would sit on his green chair, wave at the neighbors and offer a friendly conversation whenever you had time to stop by. He loved the Cubs, talking about his kids and grandkids, but had plenty of time to ask about each of our kids.

Most recent years, I've dropped my kids off like a taxi cab driver, grab another and take them where they need to go. With sports, friend's houses, youth group.. constant running. I'd look over at Clark, and he'd give me his big, hearty laugh, paw the air with one big swoop, and tell me I ran too much! He also loved to tease me when I didn't come to a complete stop at the intersection. I'd be so proud when I gave him an exaggerated stop, wave, then pull up in front of my house. 

Clark was our neighborhood staple. Nobody sits out on porches anymore just to watch the cars go by,  everyone is busy in their own little way. 

This week, Clark passed away at age 62. Way too young, and left a hole in our hearts as we drive by and see his green chair. I will miss his smile, his wave, his laugh and quick conversations.

Enjoy your family this Christmas. But, please remember those that have a little bit of interaction in your life, but have such a huge impact! We will miss you, Clark!