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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Downhere and Rush of Fools!

I won tickets..again! From KLove radio station. Here in Chicago it's 94.3FM. This time it was for Downhere and Rush of Fools.

I was excited about Downhere, because a friend of ours from church moved away, and he now drives the bus on some occasions for the band, Downhere. I started listening to some more of their music, and really liked it! I also heard songs like "Here I Am" and "How Many Kings"

Rush of Fools I had only heard on the radio, but we loved hearing them as well. A song you may have heard would be "Undo". It was the only one I knew, but a lot of fun to hear their other songs. 

This time, it was my youngest turn to go to a concert with me. She had a blast and even found a little friend to giggle and plug her ears with. They told me "it sounds normal when you do this!" 

After listening to them, hearing their hearts, and being ministered to by their music, we got to meet them! They patiently signed autographs and talked with people. Even more patiently signed for my daughter as she went through the line again after buying a t-shirt. :)

They also showed a slideshow of their recent trip to the Dominican Republic and passed out some photos of children that needed sponsoring through World Vision. A fun story about my mom, she has sponsored a child from there for many many years. He was just a small child when she grabbed his name. He just graduated from medical school this year! He is on his way back to the Dominican Republic to work. Love it!

We had a great night, I enjoyed watching the smile on my daughter's face while she got her shirt signed, and sprinted through the church to catch up to "the one I missed". Yep.. she got it. More importantly, I want our kids to experience music that glorifies the Lord. She is just as thrilled going to a Christian concert, as she would be any others. I appreciate these groups sacrificing family time and play to minister to our hearts, and giving our kids someone to look up to that can share God's love and truth with them.

I also got to talk with the area promotions manager, Jennifer, from KLove. I explained how guilty I felt being a winner.. again. But she said, it's pulled at random, and I must be on a lucky streak! Yay! I enjoyed her stories of traveling with some bands, telling about the hard work it is and having to "wait" (if you know what I mean) until the next stop to go... that was hours and hours away.  While we talked about how awesome it was to hear the bands speak, and to clearly see where their hearts were, she told me about the Rush of Fools recent bus breakdown. How people came to their rescue, but at first hit a few "bumps in the road" as far as travel arrangements. This band didn't waver, stayed steadfast, and kept on going when it looked pretty bleak. Their faces radiate their faith, their voices sing God's promises, and our hearts were blessed as a result. 

Blurry picture with some of Downhere
another blurry one with some of Rush of Fools
I did try to take a good photo of the bands, but I realized afterwards, I had it set my camera to manual focus (ugh!), and it didn't do so well when I tried to focus in a hurry as people were in line. Story of my life! hah I really think I need glasses. No, honestly. I will schedule an appt. this month! Stay tuned.. ;)

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