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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Things to Remember on the Cruise - from Mary of Premier Cruises

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Things to Remember When You Cruise

Things to Remember When You Cruise
Only seven months until we head out on the Girl’s Get-A-Way cruise – I can’t wait!  I know many of you are working on your cruise packing plan and your ‘what to do’ on board.  I love a girl who plans.  I thought I’d share some cruising tips that I’ve gathered from past GGA cruisers, the Premier Christian Cruises staff, and my own trial and error experiences.  Hope this help you along the way.
1.     It’s ALL in your name—is your name spelled right?  How about your birth date? Double check your documents when they arrive (about 6 weeks prior to the cruise) to insure that everything is correct.  If you find an error contact Premier Christian Cruises at 800-889-5265 to make changes.
2.     Paper or Plastic (packing)  – use tissue paper or dry cleaning bags as you fold and pack.  You’ll love how it cuts down on the wrinkles. Also, you’ll have extra space when you toss this out – and extra luggage space is great for all those fun souvenirs you’ll find along the way.
3.     Tag your Bag – make sure to attach a luggage tag to your bag and include your information on the inside, too – just in case.
4.     Keep Your documents handy – don’t pack your passport or birth certificate.  Keep it in your bag or carryon.   You’ll need it as you head into the port.
5.     No Irons allowed – that’s right.  No irons are allowed in your stateroom, but there is a laundry area onboard where you’ll find ironing boards and irons.  Or you can opt for tip number 3.
6.     Wrinkle Release --  bring along a bottle of wrinkle release (look for a travel size). Hang your clothes, give them a good spray and wait.  You’ll love the way this works.  And relax – you’re on vacation, a few wrinkles are allowed.
7.     Power strip – most cruise ship staterooms have only one outlet and if you’re anything like me that just won’t do.  I bring along a power strip so I have a place to plug in all my necessary stuff like battery charger, flat iron, hair dryer, and my phone (which I use for an alarm clock)
8.     Cell Phones at Sea – okay girls, turn off that cell phone or put it on airplane mode (which means it’s not receiving a signal) or you may find yourself facing high priced roaming charges.)   You can access the internet while we're sailing.
9.     Wake Up – if you don’t want to miss an early morning devotional, pack an alarm clock or use your cell phone (in airplane mode).  Cruise ship staterooms aren’t equipped with clocks.
10.  Night Light – if you booked an inside stateroom you may want to pack a nightlight as the room can be very dark.  (Great for sleeping in, but not so great for waking up.)
11.  Try something new – order a dish you’ve never tasted, sit in on a speaker you’ve never heard, or listen to a musician you don’t know.  You’ll discover some great treasures.
12.  Open Heart – ask God to guide you as you meet new people and interact with the crew.  Open your heart and eyes to see that person who needs encouragement or friendship.
13.  Jump on in – not overboard, but into the FUN!  Join in on the contests and events. You’ll have a blast and meet new people.
14.  Say hello – don’t forget to find me and all the Premier Christian Cruises staff and say hello.  We love meeting each of you and it’s fun to put a face with a name!
See you on the Cruise!!


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