He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1

Friday, December 13, 2013

I Wish to Live in a Pottery Barn! (my thoughts in a poem)

I wish to live in a Pottery Barn


And these are the things I would do

Kick off my shoes on the bound seagrass floor,

And put in a cd or two!

I’ll run through through displays with soft cushy rugs,

And land on a cushion or pillow,

Looking at sparkly Christmas décor,

And treasures made out of willow.

I’ll grab my festive red cambria mug,

And whip up a hot cup of joe

Turn on some Luke Bryan and sing like a star,

As I snuggle in my faux fur throw

Clutching the linens, blankets and wools,

Soaking up the fresh smell of pine

There is no doubt, with 5 in my house

Dreams of a clean house are just mine!

No cat or dog hair to wipe off my sleeve

The dishes and trinkets a’gleam

But remembering this is only my wish,

I don’t want to wake from this dream

Candles are burning, stockings are hung

Ornaments hang in the tree,

I want to return here every day

All I need is the key

I wish to live in a Pottery Barn

I’ve waited all year to be here

Please, tell me my ultimate wish will come true
On my favorite time of the year!
[Disclaimer: I'm no poet, several structural parts to my writing I'm sure are all destroyed. I was only having fun. I don't work for Pottery Barn or get anything from them for advertisement, they do a pretty good job on their own! Yes, I'd still love to live in one, or maybe my home decorated nice. In any event, don't judge too harshly please! :) Photo is courtesy of Pottery Barn online]


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