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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

After The Storm - Chicago Blizzard 2011

Well, we made it! Thank the Lord we didn't lose power, only some hours of sleep as the wind howled and beat against our house. We supposedly have 18-20 inches of snow, but who could tell as it turned into mostly huge drifts due to high winds. They said they were up to about 45mph. The downfall of that is the cars are burried on the street. The wind packed them pretty high and tight! 

Dear hubby went off to work at 6:30 a.m. and made it to the end of the block. Stuck! Some neighbors helped push, but had to resort to walking home, getting the snow shovel, and hoof it back to unbury the car. Finally got it off the street, and into a parking spot that also had to be shoveled out. Some really nice kid picked him up after his 3rd attempt to get to work. He had a 4x4 truck and got him there swift and sound! The firehouse has a snowmobile, so that will help add to the transportation woes. 
It's looking like the plows are getting the streets back in order. Lake Shore Drive was completely shut down last night. People were waiting in their cars for hours to get through. Here's an article talking about the 900 cars stranded for up to 12 hours long! Here is a little clip of an interview. Another example of people taking care of people. There are genuinely nice people out there!

“It was a fascinating experience,” he said. “You saw everything from firefighters on snowmobiles and a cross country skier in the southbound lanes. One woman knocked on my door. She had granola bars and bottled water, and she was just trying to give them away to people stuck in their cars.”

Something else pretty shocking, was that CPS closed it's schools. They haven't done this in over 12 years! Didn't matter to us, we aren't leaving the house!

Oh, and if today wasn't enough, we're now in for a  Deep Freeze!  Anywhere from -5 to -20 temperatures coming our way. YAY! *sarcasm* Hey, if we lived near a mountain (or at least a HILL) I would be elated with this weather. But sadly, the land is flat. No place to ski...

Stay warm, my friends! Don't drive anywhere.. it's not worth it!

(editors note: I am placing watermarks on photos now due to someone stealing them from websites. Although these are not the best photos in all the world, they are mine.)

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