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Monday, March 7, 2011

What *is* a Typical Day like?

So, what is a Typical Day? 

Most days are a Typical day in the Life of a CFD Wife. I don't blog about every detail, because some days are just like this. Others, too crazy to actually believe anything gets done. And, this is really normal for some/most FF wives. For some to completely understand what it's like, I've put together a small time line. This is what some people don't understand, unless they have husbands that work odd hours. Or, have hours that are less than routine.

Saturday consisted of:

6:30am - yay, hubby is home after working all night, fell asleep back in bed beside me.. awww...

8:30- slept in, woke up to hubby still sleeping.

- get up, see youngest completely dressed, up, eaten, and ready for her big day planned.

- am reminded son slept at friend's house and wonder when high schooler will wake up.

- breakfast, get youngest organized with her bag, correct shoes..etc.


10:30 - little one's ride is here, she's off to church to practice for Awana games.

- husband still sleeping.

- get ready to go to Costco forgetting last minute photos needed later on.

- husband reveals he had "watch" last night (every wife's nighmare as she reality hits like a lead balloon.. I'm on my own today!!)

- the next half hour spent writing him notes, explaining where each kid will be, when to pick up, and when baseball practice is, where the son is, why he is the one to pick him up, calling that friend's mom apologizing it may be either now (while I'm around) or later (when hubby finally wakes) that we will get him, notes that I will bring dinner home, and oldest will be picked up by a friend. (with a "by the way, I love you").

-writing myself notes as to what to bring and not forget as I'm leaving the house at 11:00am until after 6:00pm.

11:20 - coscto - pick up photos.

- drive to church to pick up youngest, and on the way realize I forgot the essential things she would need for her next appt.

12:00pm - stop at store, pick up essentials, run the next 2 errands, realize the car is out of gas, fill briefly to get me through the day.

1:00 - oldest texts to ask where her makeup bag was (in my car) and could she please use mine. I reminded her she needed to wake dad for $ for her fun evening as I realized (as I had written on my own note) that was something else I forgot to give her!

- husband gets woken up for $.

1:05 - pick up daughter, get her ready, take her to appt 15 min away by 2:00 
- put her hair in "Kirsten" braids with pink bows, make sure she's changed, and has her bag with everything she needs for the next 4 hours.

1:20 - in the car to go to Subway for something quick to eat on the drive.

1:21 - suburb I have to drive through is basically SHUT DOWN by police cars, police blocks..their annual St. Patricks Day parade.. who knew?


1:23 - u-turn, look for a drive thru.

1:45 - frantically looking for drive thru, as appt is at 2:00

1:48 - found one.. yuck, but what can you do?

1:52 - little one stuffs a burger in her mouth.

1:58 - rip (okay, gently tugged) burger out of mouth and off to 4 hour appt.

1:59 - park in valet parking lot, to which I explain, I'll be right back! He was kind.

2:00 - parent meeting. 

2:30 - * cue music and birds singing*
- I'm alone! I'm on my own! I have time to spare! I can't wait to do "nothing!" I don't care it's freezing, I don't care it's snowing, I am going to talk on the phone with a couple friends, my mom, catch up on some blogs, it's going to be the best next 2.5 hours ever! 

2:45 - Starbucks! *mom's relaxing time*

- open computer, drink Carmel Macchiato..a friend called, chatted mindlessly for a bit..

*music and birds singing screeches to a halt*

4:15 - youth pastor calls (probably saw my post from starbucks that I was going to be there for a while of well deserved "mom time") wondering if middle one is coming to Bible Study (at 5:00 - 35 min from our house - as I'm 30 min from our house another direction. Picture a big triangle) 

- I explain dad at home dead to the world for staying up 24 some hours + working. 
He offers to call someone somewhat nearby for ride. I agree as nothing else to do, while I call and make sure he's ready.

4:16 - call home - daughter answers, literally on the way out the door with friends as I tell her to go wake dad! 

4:17 - groggy husband reveals son is still at friend's.

4:18 - text that nice kid youth pastor found that was going to pick up son, that it's a "no-can-do, gigantor!" (Night at Museum quote)

4:18 1/2 - call back youth pastor, explain: dad is pretty much incoherent. Make judgement call: Bible study is off for him, apologize not sooner notice in canceling as he makes dinner for the boys.

4:20 - call friend's house explaining how the house was quiet around him, so he must have gone into a deep sleep. She so sweetly offers to drop him off later. Yes! Thank you!!

4:30 - realize Starbucks wasn't that relaxing, and head off to pick up daughter as parents were instructed to be back by 5:00.

- no parking ANYwhere close to the doors. Park behind HUGE conference center. 

5:00 - leave center, daughter starving!

5:40 - home. Husband was awake, son had been delivered, and friend had sent homemade pizza home for him!

- daughter not so starving, but since we'd just arrived, nobody else needed dinner - I so Martha Stewartly made her a waffle for dinner. *please no hate mail for this* She was thrilled! I figured she was fine, since her 4 hr appt kids couldn't have sugar, and she already had packed granola bar, apple, banana..etc.

- say hello's, clean kitchen, make a couple phone calls.

7:15 - middle one asks where his dirty practice baseball shirt is.. "You mean, the one from last night's practice?" Oh, um.. "I haven't been home all day to wash it, pretty sure you get to wear it again." 

- can't find shirt, rescues it from a lovely pile of laundry.

7:30 - boys off to practice.

- relaxing time yet?

- I'm tired - oldest still not home.  

11:35 - oldest gets home.

- betcha think it's time for bed? Guess who's not tired? 

- oldest and husband watch tv and play some computer.


So, what's normal? That's the thing, there is no "normal."

THIS is the life of someone who realizes that each day will NEVER go the same.
Each day, you plow through adversity, or you'll get stuck in it.
Each day, I am thankful for a husband who puts his life on the line, and does work hard, so that we can run around and take care of kids.
Each day, life isn't monotonous.
Each day, you just let things roll, and don't sweat the small stuff, right? 
So, "what did I do yesterday?" I can't remember...

Thank you, Lord, for never giving us more than we can handle. I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle any more that day. :)
Thank you, Lord, for giving me the strength and mindset to make it through days like this.. that happens a lot.



Laura said...

Hey, i'm glad I found your blog. I'm a CFD fire wife too. I blog over at www.firewifeelly.com. I look forward to reading your blog and nodding knowingly.

Kim said...

This post sounds all too familiar. Some of the stuff I actually laughed out loud! Too Funny!