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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chilean Miners Being Rescued!

I was on the edge of my seat watching the news tonight. This is such a historical, miraculous event. I am glued to the faces, trying to soak up every emotion they are going through.. love seeing the live footage above and below inside the mine. And, last but not least, the miners (of course)!
My favorite quote is and will be - “There are actually 34 of us,” the nineteen-year-old miner wrote in a letter sent up from the mine on Tuesday, "because God has never left us down here." - Jimmy Sanchez
God bless them all.. here is a beautiful picture to leave you with...


First pair of 33 men rescued from Chilean mine

SAN JOSE MINE, Chile – The first two of 33 men trapped in a collapsed mine were rescued early Wednesday after 69 days underground, pulled to fresh air and freedom at last in a missile-like escape capsule to the cheers of family and countrymen.
Rescued first was Florencio Avalos, who wore a helmet and sunglasses to protect him from the glare of bright lights. He smiled broadly as he emerged and hugged his sobbing 7-year-old son, Bairon, and wife, then bearhugged Chilean President Sebastian Pinera and rescuers.
A second miner, Mario Sepulveda Espina, was pulled to the surface about an hour later. After hugging his wife, he jubilantly handed souvenir rocks to laughing rescuers.
After the first capsule came out of the manhole-sized opening, Avalos emerged as bystanders cheered, clapped and broke into a chant of "Chi! Chi! Chi! Le! Le! Le!" — the country's name.

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